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Let citizens vote on eliminating property taxes

For several years, politicians have promised to fix Indiana's property tax system. This remains a problem today because the governor blames the Senators and Representatives, while the Senators and Representatives blame the county officials, and then the county officials blame the school system. Elected officials have allowed this blame game to continue for too long.

The property tax system is broken and is not repairable. There cannot be a worse or more unfair system than property tax. The system is broken because property taxes are complicated. Just look how long it takes to get the tax bills out for payment. The system is broken because property taxes are very expensive to administer. It costs $250 million per year to value, assess and collect the tax in the 92 counties of Indiana. The system is broken because no one can value property precisely or accurately, not even the best of appraisers. Consequently, citizens are paying taxes on an inaccurate base. The system is broken because it can put a burden on a property owner that does not have the ability to pay and, consequently, one can lose their property that they have worked hard to acquire.

The politicians are trying to convince property owners they can fix the problems, but it cannot be fixed. The time has come to completely eliminate property taxes. The problem can be fixed with a combination of raising sales taxes by 2 percentage points and income taxes 1 percentage point along with holding increases in government spending to inflation.

In order to eliminate property taxes, there has to be an amendment to the Constitution repealing property taxes. Rep. Oxley and Sen. Young should let the people vote on whether to keep or completely eliminate property taxes.

Roger Haverstock
December 13, 2007

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      Point well taken
      December 13, 2007 | 04:44 AM

      i hope we can all become as impassioned about the issue as this writer. Our community is too important to let the politicians run amok with our dollars.

      jerry lewis
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