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Town Hall Lectures
Monthly town meeting where local government officials field questions from the community. Sponsored ...
Take a Stand
Each week we'll turn over the microphone to the community residents to hear what issues are most important ...
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Elizabeth election results still in question
Nov 01 2000
The Harrison County Election Board met Monday to review ballots cast in the towns of Palmyra and Elizabeth ...
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Incumbents struggle in town elections
Nov 01 2000
Voters in six towns had their say yesterday in elections for town council members and clerk-treasurers. ...
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teast with Tags and Keuwords auto applied
Jan 28 2011
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Like any good citizen, I voted ...
Like any good citizen, I voted recently. When it was all over and all the chads were swept away, I read ...
Let citizens vote on eliminating property taxes
For several years, politicians have promised to fix Indiana's property tax system. This remains a problem ...
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Coffee Double Truck
SMDP"After years of subpar online publishing services, we discovered the answer to everything we were looking for in Linear Publishing. Linear is so easy to use and so quick to respond that our site was up in no time. Their online manual is invaluable but their staff is also extremely responsive. They have so many features that we may never use but they are there if and when we want to use them. Most recently, we created our mobile site. Within an hour it was up and running. Linear far exceeds their competition and our expectations."

Connie Sommerville
Operations Manager
Coffee Jumbo