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Word Ads

This ad type is quick to deploy and ideal for the mobile environment. Standard ads can offer "Word ad equivalents".more marker

Ad Types

multiple approaches to meet the needs of your advertisers

The #1 way to get your advertisers found on your Web site is through the ads appearing on your Web pages. Linear Publishing gives you multiple tools for creating and delivering these important revenue components.more marker

Ad Groupings

Targeting your Internet ads is critical to a sucessful Web site and happy advertisers. Without targeting, you might have a realtor's ad appearing on the obituary page.more marker

Ad Rotation

Ad Rotation is a tool for increasing your Web real estate. Essentially, you can sell more than one ad (banner and tombstone) to appear on the same page. When there are more ads scheduled to appear in the space available, Linear Publishing will automatically rotate through the ads!more marker

Linking Ads

Creating and delivering ads on your Web site is a snap, but that's only half the equation. Linking your ads should offer a variety of techniques as well. Naturally, Linear Publishing delivers in spades.more marker

Ad Examples

A listing of the various ad types with on-line examples employing weighting, fixed frequency and rotation.more marker
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Smart Phone Interface

Our development team has really put a lot of effort into synchronizing your Linear website with an easy to manage mobile interface. Well, now all of our customers have access to their own webapp. Virtually ...more»
smiley pete"Linear publishing has provided a turnkey solution for Mile High Newspapers that far exceeds anything that we could have accomplished on our own. While the capabilities of the system are impressive, what I have found most useful is Linear's willingness to implement new features and its ability to support the ones it has. The Linear system has so many features, that one newspaper will never use them all. I have looked at other newspaper content management systems, but have yet to find one that matches Linear's price, tech support and feature set."

Justinian Hatfield
New Media Manager
Mile High Newspapers
12 - 04 - 20