March 24 02:45 AM
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Shaft Cops Out

bring back Richard Roundtree

This example shows a more prominent front page style. Also, this article used Linear's "Auto Pic" feature which creates small, medium and large versions of a single original image. The system then links the images together. While decreasing the time needed to update your site, this feature adds dynamic features to otherwise simple editorial items. Also the sample uses a custom color scheme and features author links.more marker

So You Want to be an Astronaut

Do you have a 4-year-old in your house who can explain elliptical orbits? Were you surprised to hear that your 7-year-old thinks Apollo Astronaut Bob Lovell is a really cool guy? Do your teenagers fight to get a look at the Mir through the family telescope?more marker

Leawood Lions honor members

The Leawood Lions gave the President Award to Don Schultz during the Lions' annual awards celebration and installation of officers July 17. "This is the first President Award in several years," past President Gary Flick said.more marker

Business Notebook

Don Seigel's business plan backfired.more marker

Family practices togetherness through hobbies

Spending time with your family isn't so tough when you find a common hobby. The Williams have done just that with jigsaw puzzles. This is an example of basic editorial. 5 seconds to add to your site.more marker

Valerie's View

Local Troupe Wows Smithville

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Next Issue

Charity Band Plays the Park

The First Baptist Jazz Band played in McGrosky Park last Saturday night to a crowd of 150 local residents. This article includes an excellent example of threading.more marker

Kiwanis open new campground

east fork lake site offers fishing, hiking and more

Just past the hills of east columbus, the new Kiwanis campground spreads along the banks of East Fork Lake - and family fun awaits. This example shows the use of sub-titles with an editorial item!more marker

Community Spotlight

Bowl-o-rama offers family fun

Bowling can be a great family experience. This example shows an item on a colored background.more marker
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We now publish two Web sites a week in less time than it took us to publish one. The free time has opened me up to explore new ideas and features to use on our site. It's a great feeling when you can get an idea and in no time have it up and running online. Thanks to it's ease of use, our Web site is getting better and better every day.

We are always getting compliments from our readers and advertisers. With help from Linear Publishing, we are becoming the e-voice of the community that we were striving for.

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03 - 24 - 18