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Choose the tools that meet your needs

with 16 types of ads, we won't have a problem delivering your vision

Different Web sites require different solutions. You'll find our assortment of ad types will offer you the design and features to meet any strategic plan. Use the examples below to see on-line demonstartions of each ad type. Each type of ad has powerful tools available including Weighting, Fixed Frequency, Scheduling, Rotation, Click through tracking, View Counting, Filling and Maximum Impressions.

Banner Ads

Banner ads appear on the top and/or bottom of your Site's live area.more marker

Banner Adjunct Ads

Banner Adjunct ads appear either to the left or right of Banner ads. Small but powerful.more marker

LeaderBoard Ads

Leaderboard ads can appear either on the top and/or bottom of your site.more marker

Ad Families

Ad Families is a feature where 2 or more ads are joined to appear together. This includes almost every ad type within the Linear system.more marker

Background Ads

Ads appearing outside your site. Used with other ads to make powerful marketing statements.more marker

Half Banners

Half Banner ads are a nice middle ground for client who want less than a Double Truck but more than a tile.more marker

Leaderboard Adjunct Ads

Leaderboard Adjunct ads appear either to the left or right of Leaderboard ads.more marker

Body Ads

Body Ads appear within the body of your page - usually dispersed between listings (directory, calendar, blogs, classifieds, etc.).more marker

Print Display Ads

Easily include the print ads from your publication on the Web site.more marker

Overlay Ads

Overlay Ads cover your site with a semi-transparent background. Visitors must "close" the ad to fully view the site. Unike "pop-up" ads, these overlays cannot be blocked.more marker

Tile Ads

Six sets of Tombstone ads can appear in columns along the right side of your site.more marker

Menu Ads

Menu ads appear on the left side of your site below the menu. Small but visible!more marker

Box Ads

These ads bridge the right hand directories - super prominent!more marker

Embedded Ads

Large ads that can be embedded within editorial text. Premium exposure.more marker

Panel Ads

Panel ads appear can appear wither accress the top of the entire site or across the top of the "live area".more marker

Pop-Open Ads

Some people consider pop-open ads the curse of the Internet. We're sure they're not talking about their own Web site. The same people would probably like their newspaper to be advertisement free. Get real.more marker

Peel Ads

attention getters

Peel Ads appear in the upper right corner of a browser window. A hanging flap reveals content behind. People - curious, move their mouse to the area to reveal the full ad.more marker

Word Ads

This ad type is quick to deploy and ideal for the mobile environment. Standard ads can offer "Word ad equivalents".more marker

Live Ad Rotation

Set discrete ad sets to rotate ads while the visitor is still on the page. Customizable speeds and population.more marker

All Ads Simutaneously

An example with multiple ad types shown simultaneously. Leaderboard, Body and Pop-Open Ads excluded.more marker
smiley peteFor a small publishing company, with large amounts of content, wanting to make an impressive charge into cyberspace, without prior web-publishing experience, Linear Publishing delivered everything we needed, and even options we didn't know existed, in a quick and effective manner.

Linear's staff worked with us to make sure we had the site we wanted, and the software provided is easy and vast for continuous changes and improvements.

Within a month of launching, the results have already gone well beyond hopes and expectations. I recommend Linear Publishing as far as somebody is allowed to make a recommendation.

Robbie Clark
Web editor
Smiley Pete Publishing
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