October 15 10:43 AM
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No, this is not another letter in response to the badly needed dog pound, due to the "overpopulated," uncared-for dogs or pets in this county.

This letter is about the apparently stolen, well-cared-for animals, mainly dogs that have been disappearing out of people's yards.

About three months ago, when a neighbor accidently shot himself, I attempted to see if I could be of any help since I am a nurse. My pet dog, Abby, a beautiful, loved, white and beige rat terrier, must have gotten out of the door. A StatFlight helicopter was called and apparenty scared her. When I came back inside, Abby was gone.

Did anyone ever think that some of these dogs are well-loved animals that are like family to a lot of lonely individuals, shut-ins, elderly or disabled people, even like a sibling to other children who may not have the opportunity of having other brothers or sisters?

I ran an ad in The Corydon Democrat and searched the neighborhood for my Abby, and no one had seen her. You would have thought, with as many bystanders and cars backed up to see what the emergency was, that someone would have noticed her. She probably got scared and got into someone's car.

The teenager survived the accident, mainly due to the help of our next door neighbor, "Jerry," who had put direct pressure with his bare thumb on the carotid artery which had been severed. He deserves a commendation for his heroic actions.

If anyone knows of the whereabouts or has knowledge about my terrier, I pray she will be returned, with no questions asked. If not, I pray whomever has her will take good care of her.

Hopefully, if this letter touches at least one individual, someone's dearly beloved pet will survive.

Paul McCarty
February 22, 2003

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