October 15 10:38 AM
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LaGrange, Ky.

As a former resident of Harrison County and Lanesville, I always found it great to read in The Corydon Democrat all the happenings going on in Corydon, Palmyra, New Salisbury and various other places in the county. Seems like whenever something's happening anywhere in the county, the Democrat is always there, reporting on it, with the exception of one place. Lanesville!!!!

Just last night, I attended the dedication and grand opening of the new sidewalk on Crestview Avenue in Lanesville and was astonished that The Corydon Democrat was not there to cover it. There were over 30 individuals in attendance, including State Sen. Richard Young, representatives from various clubs in Lanesville, such as the Lions, Jaycees, Heritage Committee and volunteer fire department, but not one writer or photographer from The Corydon Democrat.

It seems to me that the opening of a brand new sidewalk, particularly this one, would be a picture-perfect opportunity to cover something good in a community, but I guess The Corydon Democrat seems to not care about the "East End" of the county.

This project was the culmination of three years of work and a ton of effort on the part of various people in the community of Lanesville. The town council has worked very diligently to try to provide safety and beautification to the town. Before this sidewalk was opened, the children who walked to school had to walk on the street and fear for their lives as cars and buses zipped by.

Now they not only have a safe sidewalk to get to school on, but the landowners have a beautiful new sidewalk added to the front of their property. Even Sen. Young made a comment about it to me in my conversation with him. "It's a shame you did not get media coverage for this event. I was up here a few months back and saw what it looked like and how dangerous it was. This should have been covered by somebody." I wonder who should have covered it?

Now, it's not always been this way. Up until the start of this year, the town of Lanesville had great representation. Every time you turned around, Charles Ewry was always there, at either the town meetings or special functions that the town had. But since Charles has left the staff of The Corydon Democrat, the editor and the town's reporter seem to care less about the town and what's going on. Even four months back, when the town wanted to have a ground-breaking ceremony for this project, our reporter informed us he would be in attendance. The day of the ceremony, he informed the town's clerk-treasurer that his editor told him that the Democrat does not cover ground-breakings. That's intriguing. I can recall several photos in the Democrat of people with shovels in their hand, breaking ground for churches, casinoes and whatever, but they cannot cover an important project such as this?

As a former president and member of the Lanesville Town Council, my feelings are if The Corydon Democrat wants to be the "local" newspaper of choice, they should cover everybody equally. Not just Corydon! Not just Palmyra! Everybody who lives in Lanesville is a resident of Harrison County, and I'm sure you sell a lot of newspapers in that community. It's time you treat your "East End" residents the same way! Give the town of Lanesville the coverage from the "local" paper it deserves and needs.

Bill Wison
January 29, 2003

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