May 20 08:48 AM
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I could not help being amused at the Jan. 9 headline concerning the sentence reduction of Mr. Haycraft.

One hundred ninety years is unreasonable, the wise appellate judge said. "150 years is more in line with the crime." At the same time, we must warn the public that the 51-year-old criminal will be eligible for parole when he is only 125 years old.

Now, I will have to admit that I do not know very many 125-year-old child molesters. In fact, I don't know any 125-year-old people. They are all dead!

190? 150? 125? Aren't they all the same? Well, I never was good with numbers - perhaps I should have been a judge!

But, wait, I could never be a judge. I would have to learn a whole new language. I think it is called "Judge Speak." Listen again to the justification for the sentence reduction: "In determining whether a sentence is manifestly unreasonable, the issue is not whether the sentence is unreasonable, but whether in our judgment it is clearly, plainly and obviously so in light of the nature of the offense and the character of the offender ..." Therefore, the sentence shall not be 190, but only 150 years in jail. Why don't the judges speak plain English? "Mr. (prisoner), you will spend the rest of your life in jail - get used to it."

I thought about applying for a job taking care of all those dead bodies waiting for their 150-year prison terms to end, but realized that most of them have already been released on good behavior.

Yes, I was amused ... until I remembered that our tax dollars pay for such ludicrious judicial decisions. Then I was appalled.

Greg wynne
January 28, 2003

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