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Web Cams are not for everybody.

Essentially, a Web Cam is a simple camera attached to a computer with Internet access. The user initiates a simple program which instructs the camera to take a picture on a routine basis (i.e. every 2 minutes). The simple program then automatically uploads the picture to a predetermined location using FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The picture is always named the same so new uploaded pictures "overwrite" the previous picture.

At any time, there is only one picture from the Web Cam on the system. There is not a historical record of these images. The user can instruct their simple program to save copies of the images on their computer, but only one Web Cam image will be on the server.

That being said, the Web visitor is simply looking at an image taken very recently (between 1 and 5 minutes is the norm). The system is designed to automatically update the image without any action from the Web visitor.

On the user's end, there are many inexpensive - or free - programs which can perform these functions; however, the user must have authentic ftp username and password in order to upload the picture. Further, only you can determine the name of the visual to be uploaded.

There are countless uses for Web Cams. Some examples would include a daycare center allowing parents to look in on their kids, or a nightclub showing a performance.

Great news - you can easily host your client's webcam on your site. Our system will create the files need to display the Webcam and link the webcam to all your client's information (i.e. directory listing, coupon, etc.).

Click here to see an on-site example of a client's listing with the webcam icon. From the resulting example you'll need to click the webcam icon.

Click here to open an example client webcam - it's our own, so you'll need to call our office to have us turn on the exciting feed.

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