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Development Blog
Development Blog
This blog will be used as a vehicle to keep interested parties abreast of changes to the Linear system. Using the RSS feed utility, we hope existing and potential clients will become more knowledgeable about our system. Launched September 21, 2005.


Easy Add Directory Listings

April 15, 2012 | 08:52 AM

We've been converting to an "Easy Add" tabbed entry for common items where the public and/or members are submitting information.

The Easy Add approach has now been added to Directory Listings. Features include:
  1. Maximum character controls for both the title and description within the listing.

  2. Free form fields allow you to add extra response information you may desire outside the normal listing information (i.e. "Are you interested in having your listing information included in our print edition?").

  3. Base Cost: Optionally, apply a base cost for an individual listing. This cost may be either monthly or annual.

  4. Image Controls: Enable and apply a price (optional) for including an image/logo with a directory listing.

  5. Web Link: Enable and apply a price (optional) for including a link with a directory listing.

  6. Video: Enable and apply a price (optional) for including a full-size you tube video with a directory listing.

  7. Maximum Categories: Enable and apply a price (optional) for including a directory listing in multiple categories.

  8. Upgraded listings: Enable and apply a price (optional) for highlighting a directory listing. Highlighted listings can appear first when the directory is first accessed. They can have different borders/backgrounds and fonts. Also, highlighted listings can appear on every page of the specific directory along the right rail.

As always, each directory category can include up to four sort sub-categories and 10 additional information fields.

With Directory listings, the Easy add interface includes tabs for Category, Specifics, Options (paid features!), Review/Preview, Payment and Confirmation. With each step you can include custom messages/instructions at the top and bottom of each page.

Click here to link to the sample Restaurant directory where public submissions have been enabled.

Click here to link directly to the Easy Add interface for a directory listing.

Other examples of the Easy Add approach can be seen with Calendar Submissions, Blog Submissions, Letters to the Editor, Blast Purchases and Classifieds.

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