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Standard Inclusions

Sample Standard Inclusion

greg wynne
Design Flexability: these inclusions are yours to design. Font colors, styles and images are all possible.

Fly Tables: this type of inclusion can incorporate Fly Tables - where you paste in tab-delimited data from excel and the system converts it to one of your pre-defined table formats.

Championship Flight
T. Garrett
M. Bruce
A. Reed
J. Schmidt
Z. Davis
K. Mattingly
L.C. Nash
B. Fouts

Closing: This type of inclusion is a catchall which can deal with the most demanding needs. Yes, there may be a little more work in the preparation, but you'll end up with the look you want.

Think of Standard Inclusions as a blank canvas where you can put anything. While other inclusions look to process the data into pre-defined formats, Standard Inclusions do very little. You control the presentation.

Fly Tables: Standard inclusions do have one tool unavailable to other inclusions - they can convert tab-delimited data into your predefined table formats. This can be a most professional look on the internet with very little work on your part.

This Example shows a Standard inclusion using font styling, images and a fly table. You could easily include links within the inclusion as well.

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1901 Borad Ripple Ave
indianapolis, IN 46220
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Sample Media Group
This inclusion groups media files into a single source.
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Singing in the Rain!
Children ages 18-36 months accompanied by an adult invited for stories, songs and activities of the season.
Broad Ripple Art Fair
Kids' Stage features Idiophonic Rhythms with Bill Bailey at 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm.
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