November 24 04:07 PM
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Photo Reprint Engine

let the Web site handle the transaction

As you load images into your Linear system - anywhere in the system - you can indicate if the image is to be made available for reprints.

Intuitive controls for managing information about any photo. (click for larger version)
Optionally, you may apply relevent information such as title, description, photographer, date and price. Any information left blank will assume default values.

As a reprint, the Linear system will make a "thumbnail" of the image for viewing on your Web site. Visitors may search your reprint photos by any of the relevent data and view the thumbnails.

Any easy order entry form will allow the visitors to submit an email request to purchase a copy of the photograph.

Best of all, you're not really doing any additional work. You simply upload your images as part of your routine Web management. Simply click the reprint button and your Linear system will do the rest!

appen newspapersWe have worked with Greg now for about ten years. I expect we'll continue for another ten. When I need help on one of our sites I pick up the phone and call Greg. He fixes it. It is about that simple.

Ray Appen, Publisher
11 - 24 - 17