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Visuals Management

Seems like a routine task, but as your stock of photos grows you'll soon appreciate Linear's simple yet powerful interface for handling this important portion of your content.

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Visuals can be uploaded to your linear system either individually or ten (10) at a time. Each time a visual is uploaded, your Linear system will automatically examine and, if neccesary, modify the uploaded file. If the file name is not internet friendly (i.e contains spaces or reserved characters), your Linear system will replace the offending characters. If the file extension is missing or incorrect, the system will apply the correct information.

Visual Placement
Wherever you happen to be working within your Linear system, you'll have pulldown menus listing the available images in the appropriate folder. Working on an editorial item for the October 1, 2003 - the system will list images stored in that folder. Typically, your Linear system allows images to be aligned (left, right, center, top, bottom and more!), bordered, shadowed, and captioned.

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Once you've uploaded an image to the system, you'll be able to perform some basic modifications if neccessary. Create a copy, resize, crop and more are some of the tools available. Preview screens are available throughout the process.

PDF Format
You are welcome to upload PDF format files to your Linear system through the image upload prcoess. They will be stored in the smae folders, but listed in a separate area. Optionally, your Linear system can covert the PDF to a jpg format.

SMDP"After years of subpar online publishing services, we discovered the answer to everything we were looking for in Linear Publishing. Linear is so easy to use and so quick to respond that our site was up in no time. Their online manual is invaluable but their staff is also extremely responsive. They have so many features that we may never use but they are there if and when we want to use them. Most recently, we created our mobile site. Within an hour it was up and running. Linear far exceeds their competition and our expectations."

Connie Sommerville
Operations Manager
05 - 20 - 18