October 15 10:39 AM
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Corporate Email Provider

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As your technology partner, Linear Publishing is equipped to provide you with state-of -the-art email performance.

We'll manage all your corporate email needs. Setting-up mailboxes, managing passwords and technical support are just some of the services we provide when handling this important part of your business.

Web Interface
In addition to standard pop interface, our mail system also offers a unique Web interface. You'll be able to access your mail in seconds from any computer with internet access.

Once you start using Web-based email, you'll never go back to what ever program you are using now. The simplicity of having your mail settings available at any computer is incredible.

Through any Web browser, you can access your address book, in-box and any saved mail.

As your corporate provider, we'll constantly be installing whatever new SPAM filters are needed to protect your data integrity.

We back up mail data daily to ensure against catastrophy. And, as your settings are saved on our mail server, you can upgrade your computers at anytime without mail loss.

midwest parentingLinear provides us with the total package. Account, Distribution, Sales and Editorial Management.

Its great having ready access to our internal information from any computer. The company productivity is boosted by our experience with Linear.

Mary Cox, Publisher
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