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Realtor profiles will include their image, a description and address/contact information,
Great new tool for your web visitors - and your clients.

Linear's Real Estate Listings component is designed to allow either the site manager or registered users (see Site Users) - or both - to add, edit and maintain listings on the site. You control all aspects of the system including the maximum number of listings and visuals per listing for the users.

Like other portions of Linear, you can alter permissions on a per user basis. So, a valued client might be allowed to manage 50 listings on your site, while another client may only have access to 5 listings.

The Linear system includes the e-commerce opportunity to allow users to acquire listings. You set the price and duration of a listing - Paypal processes the transaction - the whole process is automated so that the user (presumably a realtor) can be adding and editing their listings on your site immediately. Individual listings can include multiple images, a google map, a mortgage calculator, links to school information, and email link to the realtor and a link to the realtor's web site.

As expected, the listings are searchable by standard criteria like price, bedrooms, bathrooms and keyword. Also, you can configure the system to search "Open House" dates.

Up to 4 additional key fields can be defined for your particular market. Examples of a keyfield might include Township, Community or Amenity (i.e. waterfront, acreage, etc.).

Each listing is linked to it's parent account (presumably the realtor). Web visitors can easily click to see all the listings offered by a particular realtor - or create an ad which links to the realtor's profile and listings.

Click here for an on-site example of the general real state listings.

Click here to see an example of a single realtor's profile and listings.

Click here to view an individual real estate listing with multiple images, a google map and more.

smiley pete"Linear publishing has provided a turnkey solution for Mile High Newspapers that far exceeds anything that we could have accomplished on our own. While the capabilities of the system are impressive, what I have found most useful is Linear's willingness to implement new features and its ability to support the ones it has. The Linear system has so many features, that one newspaper will never use them all. I have looked at other newspaper content management systems, but have yet to find one that matches Linear's price, tech support and feature set."

Justinian Hatfield
New Media Manager
Mile High Newspapers
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