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Site Frames

These bad boys allow you to store multiple visual frames to use again and again within your Linear Web site. In fact, you can apply a Site Frame to the entire Web site.

This example includes three framed items - 2 embedded within the text and 1 within the side directories. Normally, you wouldn't mix and match with such reckless abandon, but we wanted to bring the point home that Site Frames can vary in appearance.

Ever wonder how Google changes their look almost everyday without blinking - evertime there is a holiday they seem to have graphics and themes ready to go? Think of Site Frame along these lines. Simply select a Site Frame from your pulldown list and viola!

Site Frames are available in a varity of locations within Linear. Suffice it to say, if there is a potential application for Site Frames we've already included it within the Software. This example includes two inclusions each using a custom Site Frame.

Top Five!
Here are the top five reasons for including Site Frames as part of you Web solution:
  1. We are hoping to win an industry award - this will do it!
  2. To draw additional attention to information i deem critical.
  3. To keep my designer from quitting.
  4. So I can laugh at my competition as they turn green with envy.
  5. My readers expect the best.

The beauties will expand and contract with the content they are framing, so you don't need to worry about the final appearance on your Web site.

Best of all, if you change a Site Frame (i.e. background color, padding, borders, etc.) it will change throughout your Web site automatically.

Will you ever use Site Frames on your Linear site? Probably not, but when the need finally arises it's great to have a solution ready to go.

22nd century"Linear Publishing is a great company to work with. Their flexible CMS handles all aspects of our editorial publishing, ad placement, and website design. The best part is that they are just a phone call away whenever we need a custom solution to exactly meet our needs. In the ever-changing world of online publishing, that is a must-have."

Matt Arroyo
Director of Online Operations
Frame Example

One of our coolest design features is the ability to place frames around items.

You an use countless frame designs. The frames are configured to expand and contract with the content, so the integrity of the site is always maintained.
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