April 16 07:50 AM
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Dead End Content

Having a fast Web site is important,
but not at the expense of quality.

Modern Web visitors will not be satisfied with "dead-end" editorial. They expect related content, ads, visuals and links.

This is an example of "dead-end" editorial. Sure it's fast - because it's not pulling in the additional content that Web-enables the presentation. With Linear Publishing, you can designate how much or how little additonal content will accompany an editorial item. Click here to see the same editorial with some of Linear's Web enhancements.
Our system can be configured to automatically add the following:

Automated Editorial Item Enhancements
Using the editorial defaults and templates, your Linear system can apply these enhancements automatically. Naturally, you'll have the opportunity to customize any item.
  • Author Links - a simple click retrieves any other editorial by the author in your system.

  • Author E-mail - a link allowing the Web visitor to write the author.

  • Author Visual - if you've stored an image of the author, your Linear system can insert the image with the author's name.

  • Activate Email and Web Links - if you desire, the Linear system can scan editorial for email addresses (i.e. somebody@aol.com) and web links (i.e. www.linearpublishing.com) and automatically activate these links.

  • Section Menu - your Linear system will add a window with links to other editorial items within the section - even links to historical items in the same section.

  • Letters to the Editor - Web visitors can submit letters tied to the editorial item for quick review and presentation back on your site.

  • Send to a Friend - easily e-mail a reference link to the article to anyone.

  • Comments - allow Web visitors to create a free-flow of response to an item.

  • Related Links - the system will automatically create a table of links to other related editorial from past issues.

  • Editorial Display Ads - the system automatically inserts up to 3 display ads within the body of the editorial copy.

Section Content
Your editorial content can "inherit" the values of the editorial section, thereby increasing the amount of Web content that is automatically presented with an individual editorial item.
  • Section Visuals - have the system anchor each item with a visual referencing the section.

  • Section Ads (Banner, Tombstone and Display) - all rotating.

  • Section Inclusions (e-mail lists, links, notices, polls and more)

Easily Applied Editorial Enhancements
Beyond the automated Web enhancements, Linear makes it simple for you to further customize individual editorial items.
  • Up to 4 visuals in the body of the editorial. Each can be aligned, captioned, placed, bordered and shadowed independently.

  • Up to 2 pull-quotes in the body of the editorial. Each can be aligned, placed, bordered and shadowed independently.

  • A header visual to appear with - or in lieu of - the title.

  • Custom Ad Groupings.

  • Up to 8 Inclusions - Polls, Quizzes, Scrolling Side Bars, Lists, Links and more.

  • Custom Colors and Page Configuration.