February 19 11:45 PM
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This portion of Linear Publishing allows you to collect references to "You Tube" videos for presentation on your web site. You can view any of the videos from the small version listed, but if you click on the title you'll be taken to a screen for a full-size video playback. You are in complete control over the appearance and content of the system. You can even enable the "Feedback" and "Rating" controls.

As part of the Show Box system, you can permission account holders to add You Tube videos. Individual accounts can be custom permissioned to allow uploads or immediately post new submissions. Also, your Linear system can be configured to allow for guest upload capabilities.

The You Tube system allows Web visitors (registered or anonymous depending on your Linear configuration) to rate the video offerings. The list of videos can easily be sorted by date, title or rating.

Your Linear Inclusions can easily be set to automatically create a "mini-list" of You Tube videos based on date added, featured, most popular - even the most viewed (see right example).

Click here for an on-site example.

smiley peteFor a small publishing company, with large amounts of content, wanting to make an impressive charge into cyberspace, without prior web-publishing experience, Linear Publishing delivered everything we needed, and even options we didn't know existed, in a quick and effective manner.

Linear's staff worked with us to make sure we had the site we wanted, and the software provided is easy and vast for continuous changes and improvements.

Within a month of launching, the results have already gone well beyond hopes and expectations. I recommend Linear Publishing as far as somebody is allowed to make a recommendation.

Robbie Clark
Web editor
Smiley Pete Publishing
02 - 19 - 20