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Shoe Box images allow your Web community to submit their photos - vacation, festival, sports - whatever. You define the categories, permissions, features and more.

When Web visitors access your Shoe Box Images, your system will always list the most recent images first. The front page of the Shoe Box Images will list "thumbnails" of the images with titles. Clicking on the "thumbnail" will open a larger version with accompanying text. If available, this larger image will include a link to open the largest available version of the image.

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Each image is linked to the submittee (see Users). Web visitors can easily navigate to see other shoe box content submitted by the same person.

You can define image categories (i.e. "Around Town", "Celebrities", etc.) in which your Web community can submit images. Depending on your Defaults and the settings for the submittee (see Users), submitted images may either immediately appear on your Web site or be held pending your review and approval.

Interestingly, the Shoe Box Image system can also be configured to have a predefined list of image "Subjects". Simple check boxes can be clicked so the then visiting public could quickly obtain a list of all images with "Harry" in them. Individual users can add their own "Subjects", but these subjects would only be available for searching when viewing the specific users images.

The Shoe Box is designed to automatically resize any image to your predetermined settings. Initially, Web visitors will see a small thumbnail of an image. The small image will link to a medium sized image which can include a detailed description. If available, the medium size image will link to the largest available copy of the image.

When the Web visitor accesses the Shoe Box images, the system will always list the items in descending chronological order - the most recent items appear first.

Your Linear Inclusions can easily be set to automatically create a "mini-list" of Shoe Box Images based on date added, featured even the most viewed (see right example).

Click here for an on-site example.

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