February 23 11:57 AM
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Forums are like message boards. You Define a main theme - a Forum - then Web visitors post topics. Each Topic then becomes a stream of messages relating to that topic. Forums are always listed chronologically in a descending order so people see the most recent offerings first.

Think of these as central community forums. You'll be able to name the Forums (i.e. Education, Local Politics, etc.) and provide a brief description. If activated, your Web visitors will first go to a page listing and describing the various Forums with links to continue on to a specific area. Forums can configured for guest viewing (i.e. non Users) - even allowing guests to add content. Also, Forums can be equipped with passwords to limit participation.

Click here for an on-site example.

corydonI've had a great experience with Linear Publishing. The system was easy to learn, and Greg and his staff are always available to answer any questions I may have.

Our readers are apparently liking the results, too, because our visits to the web site have tripled this year.

Chris Timberlake, Web Development
02 - 23 - 18