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Submission Process

Five Simple Steps to turn your just into someone else's treasure!

For an anonymous user the ad submitting process is very simple. It concludes in 5 simple and easy to follow steps.

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Step One: Select the category you would like the ad to appear in. Create a title or headline, type a description in the body, and include your e-mail. Depending on the category selection, there may be additional fields to refine the ad's criteria (i.e. "number of bedrooms"). Registered users will already have much of their information inserted into the form. The email will be encrypted and you can choose to allow replies or not. Finally, agree to the terms (customized or disabled for a particular Linear client) and continue to the next step.

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Step Two: Consider upgrading your ad for an additional cost. You can add up to three images to your ad. You can have you ad highlighted to appear at the top of every page in your category. Or you can place your ad in the paper on an issue basis. The rates charged per upgrade are customized by the publication.

Step Three:You can then preview your ad and what it will look like when published.

Step 4 and 5: Confirm your ad - for registered users this process is complete. For anonymous users, they will need to check their email for the confirmation link which activates the ad.

The submission process is quick and painless requiring little time or hassle. Because the process is so simple, Linear has configured restrictions on the number of daily ads submitted per users. You can customize the number or ads permitted per anonymous user and for every registered user. Special clients can have a higher limit of ads allowed per day. The free classified system is a great way to get more viewers and users to see you publication. It is also a great source of revenue that provides the services necessary to compete with the other free classified systems.

midwest parentingLinear provides us with the total package. Account, Distribution, Sales and Editorial Management.

Its great having ready access to our internal information from any computer. The company productivity is boosted by our experience with Linear.

Mary Cox, Publisher
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