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How is this profitable?

By providing a free classified system you will increase your number of Web visitors, the number of classifieds - and hopefully the revenue. There are a number of different ways in which the free classified system can increase your revenue.

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It will increase the number of viewers who look at your website. These increases visitors make the other ads on your site more valuable. Also, increased traffic means increased subscriptions.

Upgrades are available in the free classified ads for an additional cost. Once a user has created the basic information for their ad they will be taken to a screen where they can easily upgrade their ad with up to 3 visuals, a map and upgraded placement.

The free classified submission process will also prompt the User to include the ad in your print publication. If the User opts to include the ad in print for one or more issues, the system will step the User through the process of preparing the ad for print - including calculating the cost. All of the upgrade features rates are customizable for your publication.

Additional costs can also be charged to post in certain categories. If the "Help Wanted" category is not free then the system will calcualte the cost for the ad during the submission process.

The free classified system is a good source of revenue and allows you to compete with the other free classified systems. By providing your users with free classifieds you allows them to expand their voice in the community and get their information out there. They will appreciate your services and publication.

midwest parentingLinear provides us with the total package. Account, Distribution, Sales and Editorial Management.

Its great having ready access to our internal information from any computer. The company productivity is boosted by our experience with Linear.

Mary Cox, Publisher
12 - 08 - 21