January 24 03:54 AM
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Pop-Open Ads

Terminology: Pop-open ads are small windows that automatically open either in front or behind your site unbidden by the Web visitor. These windows remain open until the Web visitor manually closes them.

Some people consider pop-open ads the curse of the Internet. We're sure they're not talking about their own Web site. The same people would probably like their newspaper to be advertisement free. Get real.

Linear Publishing allows you to control the use, appearance, frequency and placement of pop-open ads. In addition to easy controls for building pop-open ads, the following is a list of the significant control features Linear Publishing offers relating to these types of ads.

Pop-Under: these are ads that open behind your site when a visitor first comes to your site. This ad will remain open so that when the visitor closes the window to your site, they will see the ad. If you have more than one pop-under ad, Linear Publishing will randomly select one ad with each new visitor.

Pop-Up: these are ads that open in front of your site. Linear Publishing can be configured to open a new ad after a certain number of clicks. For example, you might want a new ad to appear after a Web visitor has visited 10 pages of your site. If you have more than one pop-up ad, Linear Publishing will randomly select one ad each time a pop-up is called.

Dedicated Pop-Up: you may glue a specific pop-up ad to a page of your site. For example, you can glue a specific pop-up ad to your restaurant directory. This ad will only open once for a Web visitor - so if they move through the restaurant directory the ad will only open when they first enter. Example: the restaurant guide in the example section of this site has a dedicated pop-up ad.

Disable Pop-Up: you may exempt any page of your site from the pop-up ad rotation. For example, you might not want pop-up ads to be present in your obituaries.

Pop-Open Links: easily create links to other Internet sites within any pop-open ad.

Pop-open ads is a tool you control. If you never want to use pop-open ads - don't use them. For certain advertisers, this may be the key to their account.

smiley pete"Linear publishing has provided a turnkey solution for Mile High Newspapers that far exceeds anything that we could have accomplished on our own. While the capabilities of the system are impressive, what I have found most useful is Linear's willingness to implement new features and its ability to support the ones it has. The Linear system has so many features, that one newspaper will never use them all. I have looked at other newspaper content management systems, but have yet to find one that matches Linear's price, tech support and feature set."

Justinian Hatfield
New Media Manager
Mile High Newspapers
01 - 24 - 20