May 06 04:49 PM
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Ad Groupings


Targeting your Internet ads is critical to a sucessful Web site and happy advertisers. Targeting means delivering specific ads with the specific content and/or pages of your Web site. Without targeting, you might have a realtor's ad appearing on the obituary page.

Linear Publishing's ad grouping approach is the industry's most powerful, yet simple tool for the controlled targeting of your advertisements.

Using Linear Publishing, you may create as many ad groupings as you like - there is no practical limit.

You may select one of your ad groupings to be used with each editorial section, classified category, directory category or Web page. You can even define an ad group to be used with individual editorial items!

With each ad group, you may also define a secondary ad group from which to pull additional ads if there are not enough ads to fill the available space.

As you add or edit your various Internet ads (standard, Flash, user and display), you will select one or more ad groupings in which to include the ad. Simple.

Now, you can deliver real estate ads with your real estate classifieds. Deliver restaurant ads with your restaurant directory. Deliver meaningful ads with your obituaries - and it's all automated.

appen newspapersWe have worked with Greg now for about ten years. I expect we'll continue for another ten. When I need help on one of our sites I pick up the phone and call Greg. He fixes it. It is about that simple.

Ray Appen, Publisher
05 - 06 - 16