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With monthly publications located in Indianapolis and Cincinnati, Midwest Parenting Publications was looking to the internet as a medium for sharing internal information among their offices.

Linear Publishing designed a tool which blended the account management system with a print sale database. Sales persons in both markets can easily enter advertising sales and information - now available to the production department in anthro market.

Quickly, the print sales database was modified to allow for multiple insertions and client ad campaign schedules. Periodically, the management can extract commission reports for payroll purposes.

Linear provides us with the total package. Account, Distribution, Sales and Editorial Management.

Its great having ready access to our internal information from any computer. The company productivity is boosted by our experience with Linear.

Tom Wynne, Publisher
The editorial staff uses the Web site to forcast editorial content into the future - always letting the staff know the upcoming focus of the publication. Calendar events are stored on the Web site well into the future and exported into Quark documents for inclusion in the print publication.

Distribution tools were developed to allow for zip code break downs of target markets. At any time, the staff can retrieve print run reports for audit firms.

Finally, the publications use the Web site to hold the client's history of print advertisements. At any time, a client can pull and review their print ads from past issues.

As monthly publications, an internet site is not a high priority, but since the content is largely self-publishing from the daily information entered, the Midwest Parenting Publications enjoy a high quality Web presence where their advertisers always play a central role.

Contact: Lynette Rowland
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Phone: 317-722.8500 ext 101
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appen newspapersWe have worked with Greg now for about ten years. I expect we'll continue for another ten. When I need help on one of our sites I pick up the phone and call Greg. He fixes it. It is about that simple.

Ray Appen, Publisher
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