September 23 11:49 PM
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Smiley Pete

Multiple Kentucky publications looking to share a Web site. Each URL links to it's respective publication within the site.

In initially setting up their Linear site, they needed their archives imported. No problem. Linear filtered their archived data and imported it to the new site at no charge.

For a small publishing company, with large amounts of content, wanting to make an impressive charge into cyberspace, without prior web-publishing experience, Linear Publishing delivered everything we needed, and even options we didn't know existed, in a quick and effective manner.

Linear's staff worked with us to make sure we had the site we wanted, and the software provided is easy and vast for continuous changes and improvements.

Within a month of launching, the results have already gone well beyond hopes and expectations. I recommend Linear Publishing as far as somebody is allowed to make a recommendation.

Robbie Clark
Web editor
Smiley Pete Publishing
Their extensive Calendar needs required use of Categories. Prominent menu items link directly to various Categories.

Noted Feature Usage:
  • Multi Publication Site
  • Extensive Google Mapping
  • Extensive Editorial Archive Importing
  • Text Embed Ads
  • Calendar Body Ads
  • Menu Visuals
  • Calendar

Contact: Robbie Clark
Phone: 859-266-6537
Web Site:,, or

22nd century"Linear Publishing is a great company to work with. Their flexible CMS handles all aspects of our editorial publishing, ad placement, and website design. The best part is that they are just a phone call away whenever we need a custom solution to exactly meet our needs. In the ever-changing world of online publishing, that is a must-have."

Matt Arroyo
Director of Online Operations
09 - 23 - 20