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Print Ad Converter

The largest source of income for publications comes from advertising. The print ads that appear in your newspaper can now easily be transferred to your website. A newspaper would not exist without the advertisements so what good would a website be without the display ads. Linear has developed a system to extract all of your print display ads and upload them to your site.

Conner Prairie
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You send us a PDF copy of your publication and for $0.15 per ad you can have each ad extracted and posted on your website. We guarantee to include every ad in your paper. The ads will them be available to rotate on your website and be displayed. There is a list of print advertisers and each company name links to their print ads. This process is quick and painless and is a great source of revenue.

Revenue is generated through the sale of ads. Linear offers a publishing company the ability to provide advertisers with an extra advantage. Not only will the ad appear in the print publication, but it can also appear online. Publishing companies can charge advertisers and additional fee in order to have their ad be online. This new source of revenue is generated effortlessly and flawlessly with our system.

corydonI've had a great experience with Linear Publishing. The system was easy to learn, and Greg and his staff are always available to answer any questions I may have.

Our readers are apparently liking the results, too, because our visits to the web site have tripled this year.

Chris Timberlake, Web Development
12 - 08 - 21