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CSS a.k.a. Web 3.0

Welcome to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
CSS is also known as Web 3.0 - a different, more efficient and robust approach for delivering your Web content. Much of your design parameters are delivered in your CSS style sheets and your Web content is separate. The Web content calls for design characteristics from the stylesheets. Because the CSS Stylesheets need load only one during a visit to your Web site, this makes your entire site faster.

Essentially, CSS can be defined as two parts:
  • Font/Text styles controlling the properties of text on the page (color, size, spacing, etc.).

  • Containers defining the the space surrounding items on your page. Container controls include padding, margins, borders backgrounds and more. With containers, you control all for sides of each portion (padding, margins and borders).

Linear Publishing has actually used CSS controls for many years with our CSS font controls (see Font Controls), but now, as Containers have become widely accepted, we jump head-long into CSS.

Font Controls
Embracing CSS we have added several new options to controlling the font/text properties on your site.

Defaults:Your Linear system has defaults for site styles. With any Style property, if undefined, the style will adopt the system defaults.

Default Style Sets: You can create Default Style sets determining font face, colors, size - just about anything your would define in a normal text setting. You individual styles can then reference the default set. Going forward, simply change the default set's characteristics and all associated styles would change.

Global Styles: You can add new styles to your system which can be used almost anywhere.

Tie Styles Together: Your Linear system comes with about 100 styles in use. Overtime, we kept adding styles as new systems were added. Tying styles together will make you site faster and easier to manage. For example, you could add a Global styles called "Titles Medium" then tie appropriate styles (Shoe Box Titles, Calendar Titles, Directory Listing Title, Show Titles, Store Item Titles, etc) to the single Global style. Promotes site continuity and makes future changes a breeze. For example, this site has 90% of the system styles tied into 12 Global styles.


CSS LInks May Help
Here are some links to other Web sites explaining and exampling CSS containers in greater detail.

Your Linear system allows you to add and edit containers. Once created, containers can be applied to numerous portions of the Linear system.

In the visual example the following containers are is use:
  • The Search Box is in a container specifying a black 1 point solid border on all sides, a gray background and a 5 point padding separating the content from the border.

  • The Search Button is in a container specifying a 65 point total width, a black 1 point solid border on all sides, a green background, a gold hover background color (not shown) and a 2 point padding separating the content from the border.

  • The list of Obituaries is in a container specifying a gray 1 point dotted border along the top.

  • Each item in the list is in a container specifying a gray 1 point dotted border along the bottom and a padding of 5 points on the top and bottom.

  • Each image with an obituary is in a container specifying a black 1 point solid border and a right margin (outside the border) of 5 points.

Your Linear system has site defaults for applying containers to Search areas, list items and more. With each individual area of Linear you can customized the application of containers. So you could tell your entire site to present list items with a gray 1 point dotted border along the bottom and a padding of 5 points on the top and bottom. Then later, change your mind so the border would be solid (Solid, Dotted, Dashed, Double, Groove, Ridge, Inset and Outset available).

Complex Containers
Also built into the Linar system is the ability to create "Complex" containers. Here you can mix images and backgrounds together with the standard css container controls to achieve eye-catching elements. Like standard containers, these complex containers can be used almost anywhere within your site. Unlike standard css containers. Linear's complex containers will not offer hover/rollover effects.

The example here shows the 3 links in a complex container made up of a top and bottom corner (left), a fading background and a standard right red border 1 point solid.

times newspapersWhen we realized we needed to upgrade our Web site, we knew we could not do it alone. Linear Publishing more than answered the call. All the new features we were looking for were already in place at Linear. In addition, if we came up with a feature not yet available, they created it.

We now publish two Web sites a week in less time than it took us to publish one. The free time has opened me up to explore new ideas and features to use on our site. It's a great feeling when you can get an idea and in no time have it up and running online. Thanks to it's ease of use, our Web site is getting better and better every day.

We are always getting compliments from our readers and advertisers. With help from Linear Publishing, we are becoming the e-voice of the community that we were striving for.

Randy Drilingas, Creative Manager
12 - 15 - 18