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Tab Elements

Explore dining options in the community.
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Chez Widgets

1901 Borad Ripple Ave
indianapolis, IN 46220
This is a sample description for Chez Widgets in the restaurant guide. They would describe their food, environment and policies. You can have limits on directory listings to prevent entries from being »
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When designing portions of your site through Linear, you are often working with discrete elements. Well, we've added a new class called "Tab Elements".

Tab Elements allow you to consolidate multiple pieces into a single element with "tabs" across the top. Individual tabs reveal their corresponding content. Virtually any content within your Linear system can be placed within a tab.

In addition to defining the content under a tab, you'll be able to control background colors, images, hover properties and more for the individual tabs.

Once created, your tab elements are easily dropped into any layout. Great tool for presenting similar content in the same area.

This page features a "Restaurants" tabbed element including a featured restaurant (ching), a list of the most popular restaurants based on reader ratings, a restaurant search function and a related restaurant poll.

smiley pete"Linear publishing has provided a turnkey solution for Mile High Newspapers that far exceeds anything that we could have accomplished on our own. While the capabilities of the system are impressive, what I have found most useful is Linear's willingness to implement new features and its ability to support the ones it has. The Linear system has so many features, that one newspaper will never use them all. I have looked at other newspaper content management systems, but have yet to find one that matches Linear's price, tech support and feature set."

Justinian Hatfield
New Media Manager
Mile High Newspapers
09 - 21 - 19