January 23 02:44 AM
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Custom Page Layouts

Linear does a great job automatically configuring your content - now it gets better with Page Layouts.

Imagine starting with a blank piece of paper and dividing it either horizontally or vertically. Then imagine the ability to divide each piece either horizontally or vertically. Again and again. We call each piece a cell.

Each Cell can be formatted with borders, images, alignment, backgrounds, padding and more. Within each cell you define what content you want pulled from your Linear system. Front Page News - no problem, the 7 most recent public submitted photos - easy, 3 featured coupons, ads - okay. No limits.

Each cell holds up to 13 elements - an element being some data pulled from elsewhere within your Linear system. Naturally, each element includes design controls for backgrounds, borders and more.

Now imagine having multiple layouts that can be applied to your Home Page, any editorial issue or any page within your Linear system. You could change your Home Page layout completely 10 times a day!

Best of all it's completely dynamic. Change your featured coupons and it changes everywhere. Add a new piece of editorial and it's on the site - right where you want it. Change your color scheme instantaneously.

Click here for an example of a page created using a custom Page Layout.

appen newspapersWe have worked with Greg now for about ten years. I expect we'll continue for another ten. When I need help on one of our sites I pick up the phone and call Greg. He fixes it. It is about that simple.

Ray Appen, Publisher
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