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Photo Galleries

Photo Galleries are easily configured and limitless tools for presenting numerous photos. This page features a link to a sample gallery. There is also an ad on the right accessing the same gallery.

Each gallery can be custom configured with dimensions, colors and backgrounds.

The photos within the galleries can be captioned, searched, enlarged and more.

Photo Galleries can be called using menu items, ads, links - there's even a page of your site which lists all active photo galleries.

Galleries can be configured to display photos alphabetically, numerically or chronologically. So, you can add 2-3 photos per week to a gallery of "top photos" and your Web visitors can continue to peruse back to photos from previous issues.

Please install Flash® and turn on Javascript.

Flash Galleries can easily be embedded within an editorial item - or virtually anywhere within your site. The accompanying gallery is set to 250 by 250 pixels. The individual photos could link anywhere (i.e. reprints, comments, other stories, etc.), but in the example the link feature has been disabled. This gallery also includes background music.

Photo Galleries can also be client based so they pertain to a particular company/organization. This is a great tool for apartment complex or retirement center where people can take visual tours.


Pop Open Presentation: Click here for a sample photo gallery in a custom "pop open" presentation. Great for sponsorship opportunities.

Client Gallery: Click here for an example of a gallery tied to a client's account. Whenever you see the client's other informtion (i.e. directory listing, coupon, calendar listing, etc.) there is a link to his photo gallery.

Blended Category: Click here for a gallery category "Vacation" which blends multiple galleries.

All Galleries Blended: Click here for all gallery images blended. Each listing has links to it's originating gallery and category.

Embedded Gallery: Click here for an example of an embedded gallery on a custom page.

Embedded within Editorial: Click here for an example of a Gallery called within an editorial item.

Thumbnail Format: Click here for an example of an embedded gallery which opens to the Thumbnail format.

List Galleries: Click here for a listing of all Galleries. The listings are categorized with descriptions.

Gallery with Reprints Enabled: Click here for an on-site example of a Photo Gallery with the reprints feature enabled.

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