September 22 12:44 PM
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Editorial Magic

The heart and sole of your Web site is the editorial engine. It must be easy to use - yet deliver powerful features you see on national sites, such as search engines, archives, links, threads and polls.

Linear Publishing permits your editorial staff to post editorial content to your Web site without the need-to-know HTML or other Internet application tools.

Editorial can be added to your site in approximately 10 seconds. Really. What will 10 seconds get you? Depending on your default settings:
  1. The editorial item will have an introduction paragraph extracted based on your defaults breaking at the first "." after a minimum number of characters, or taking the entire opening paragraph - or if you embedded an tag it will extract the information before the tag.

  2. If the editorial is marked as a "breaking" item, it will override the issue date and immediately post on the front page of your Web site.

  3. The author's picture, e-mail, bio and name have been added to the editorial item.

  4. powerful features you see on national sites, such as search engines, archives, links, threads and polls
  5. The date has been inserted into the editorial item.

  6. Font styles and colors of your choosing have been applied to the headline, title, body, and all other text.

  7. If the editorial item is a column, front page and title visuals will have already been placed.

  8. If entered with a thread, the editorial item will include links to other editorial items from previous and current issues sharing the same thread.

  9. There is a link to e-mail this article to a friend.

  10. There is a link for readers to add comments to the article.

  11. There is a link for readers to submit a letter to the editor.

  12. A set of links has been inserted to national sites based on the editorial section (news articles link to news sites).

  13. Any ads scheduled to appear with the editorial section will appear with this editorial item.

  14. The system has automatically inserted the visual for the section atop the editorial item.

  15. The editorial item will appear with a menu to the other editorial items in that section.

  16. Double returns have been inserted between paragraphs for easy Internet viewing.

SMDP"After years of subpar online publishing services, we discovered the answer to everything we were looking for in Linear Publishing. Linear is so easy to use and so quick to respond that our site was up in no time. Their online manual is invaluable but their staff is also extremely responsive. They have so many features that we may never use but they are there if and when we want to use them. Most recently, we created our mobile site. Within an hour it was up and running. Linear far exceeds their competition and our expectations."

Connie Sommerville
Operations Manager
09 - 22 - 17