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Due to the insistence of our wives, Linear now offers a Recipe interface. The Recipe module must be enabled by your Linear representative (call 800-211-2267 it's free).

Once enabled, adding and presenting recipes is a breeze. In the management system, each recipe has tabs for Specifics, Ingredients and Directions. With both Ingredients and directions you can add items endlessly. Each item can be ranked to change the order.

Favorite Desserts
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Shortbread Cookies

Makes 48 delicious shortbread cookies that last for ever....more»
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New York Cheesecake

The best cheesecake EVER...more»
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Oatmeal Cookies

These are the best oatmeal cookies ever makes 24 large cookies!...more»
Here are some highlights:
  • Customization: Like almost everything in Linear, you'll have total control over the presentation. CSS containers and styles are easily applied to any aspect of the new recipes module (see CSS).

  • Mobile Ready: The Recipes module is fully compatible with your mobile interface (see PDA interface). Simply create the mobile menu item for "Recipes" and the rest is automated.

  • Dynamic Ingredients: Each recipe includes a value for the number served by the recipe. On your web site/mobile interface simply change the desired servings and the ingredients will recalculate to accommodate the selected servings.

  • Call Elements: The Call Element controls for recipes is fully developed (see Call Elements).

  • Ratings Enabled: The Recipe module has been integrated in the Linear ratings engine (see Ratings). Of course, this feature can be enabled/disabled in your Recipe Defaults.

  • Feedback Enabled: The Recipe module has been integrated in the Linear feedback engine (see Reader Feedback). Of course, this feature can be enabled/disabled in your Recipe Defaults.

  • QR Code: On your web site, each recipe can include a QR code which, when scanned by a mobile phone, will put the recipe on the mobile device - great when heading to the grocery.
While not for every Linear client, we think the Recipes module can be a great tool for driving new traffic to your site.

Click here for an on-site example.

times newspapersWhen we realized we needed to upgrade our Web site, we knew we could not do it alone. Linear Publishing more than answered the call. All the new features we were looking for were already in place at Linear. In addition, if we came up with a feature not yet available, they created it.

We now publish two Web sites a week in less time than it took us to publish one. The free time has opened me up to explore new ideas and features to use on our site. It's a great feeling when you can get an idea and in no time have it up and running online. Thanks to it's ease of use, our Web site is getting better and better every day.

We are always getting compliments from our readers and advertisers. With help from Linear Publishing, we are becoming the e-voice of the community that we were striving for.

Randy Drilingas, Creative Manager
09 - 28 - 20