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Our sports managements system allows you to easily track and report on local sports. The presentation is quite versatile, and the table is completely dynamic where almost any item is clickable for additional information. Click here to learn more about Linear's Sports Management feature.

2010 HS Mens Basketball Playoffs
1. Braves
Braves (54-43) more»
Conseco Arena
Sep 03 6:30 PM
Conseco Arena
Time TBD
8. Spiders
5. Atoms
Atoms (48-47 OT)
4. Warriors
3. Minutemen
Bulldogs (61-55)
Conseco Arena
Sep 03 9:00 PM
6. Bulldogs
7. Hornets
Hinkle Fieldhouse
Aug 27 7:15 PM
2. Cougars
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2009 Mens HS Basketball Playoffs (completed).
2010 Mens HS Basketball Playoffs (underway).

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