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Our most important job is translating the needs of our customers into solutions. While our web-based software offers numerous components tailored to the publishing industry, we realize that each linear system must be customized to the needs of the customer.

So, we begin by understanding a customers needs. Then, we configure a Linear system designed to address the client's specific needs. Almost always, this means adapting our solution for each individual client.

Certainly we have strategies for subscriber, advertiser and management control of your Web site, but these are only the foundation for the solution we design for each client.

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So, what do we do? We design and host Web sites for publications. We train our customers on operating the Web site.Following deployment, we provide free technical support, comprehensive documentation and continual upgrades. Our solutions can also include Web-based email, e-commerce, ftp and custom internal management tools. Anything a newspaper wants on the internet -we provide.

So, what does it cost? Each client's needs dictate the cost of a Linear system. On average, our clients spend $300 per month. There are no shared revenue points with Linear.

Are you looking for an internet solution for your publication? Look no further -- look deeper. We view the internet as an opportunity for publications. An opportunity to cement their community position, strengthen advertiser relations, enhance reader services and create new revenue. Learn more about our vision.

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Solutions Reviewed
We've provided an overview of Linear's exisitng components. Remember, each component is a starting point for your solution.

solution systemSolution Case Studies
Solutions is a big word - especially when your needs are yours. To understand Linear, learn from our customers. Call them, write them - they'll recommend us. Everyone. Ask them about our pricing and ask if we changed the system specifically for their needs.
site control systemMobile Solution
The explosive growth in mobile access to the internet can not be dismissed. Your Linear website has an integrated mobile interface which is automatically in sync with the website. Virtually all aspects of the website - including member privileges, searching and ads are resident in the mobile interface. Clients have broad control over the design, navigation and content of the mobile experience. Click to learn more!
site control systemSite Control Solution
A significant portion of the linear publishing system is devoted to controls for our clients to create and alter virtually every aspect of their Web site. From colors to content, there's very little outside your imagination.
editorial systemEditorial Solution
The heart and soul of your Web site is the editorial engine. It must be easy to use - yet deliver powerful features you see on national sites, such as search engines, archives, links, threads and polls.
subscriber systemSubscriber Solution
Linear Publishing is packed with advertiser solutions, but what about the Web visitor. Learn how to create value by offering Site features to subscribers. Protect virtually any feature of your Site with custom defined Subscriber controls.
classified system Classifieds Solution
Your Web site will be e-commerce enabled for classified submissions. Our system can either accept direct input or uploaded classifed files from virtuall any back-end system. Web links, embedded display ads, upgrades, maps and images are all available.
free classifieds system Free Classifieds Solution
Expanding Internet commerce and trade has provided Linear with an opportunity to compete with the larger companies. We have developed our own free classified system to help expand your business.
advertiser interface system CAPS Solution
We know your Internet strategy depends on your ability to identify and take advantage of opportunities to generate revenue from local advertisers.To help you do this, Linear Publishing includes a feature called Community and Advertiser Publishing Solution (CAPS) - the most far-reaching in the industry.
ad control systemAd Control Solution
The #1 way to get your advertiser found on your Web site is through the ads appearing on your Web pages. Linear Publishing gives you multiple tools for creating and delivering these important revenue components.
internet revenue system Revenue Solutions
Linear Publishing approaches Internet revenue from the local level in support of the print product. If you are not taking care of business at home - what are you doing on the Internet?
calendar system Calendar Solution
Your Linear solution includes a powerful community calendar component. View categories, company specific events or just browse far into the future. All calendar data exports into Quark/Indesign format for the print publication. Public submission features available.
print display ad system Print Display Ads Solution
An easy process for placing their print ad - the actual ad from your print product - within your site. PDF or other formats, place all your print ads in under 5 minutes or outsource for $.15 per ad.
email system Email Solutions
Our Web-based email solution offers you corporate quality interface over this important aspect of business in the new milennium. HTML format mail merge with your contact management system is seamless and intergrated. Opt-in Newsletters are a breeze.
messaging system Messenger Solution
Your Linear system features a state-of-the-art messenger system allowing registered users of your Web community to reach out to other users.
shopping cart system Shopping Solution
A full functioning store can be part of your Linear solution. Paypal enabled. Advanced store accounts, invoicing and order status reports avaiable.
community participation system Shoebox Solution
The Shoe Box system is designed to allow your Web community to contribute articles and images to your Web site for other users to access, search and view. Because it's a cornucopia of information, we akinned it to a "Shoe Box" stuffed with various letters, photos and other information.
scheduling system Scheduling Solution
As Linear was originally designed for internal business management, you'll have access to individual and group schedules. Define projects and facilities for advanced time management. Calls, To Dos, Reminders all available.
visuals and reprints system Visuals Management Solution
Your visuals will know no boudaries. Reprints, photo credits, grouped images and photo galleries are staples of Linear Publihing. Each image can have a larger version which automatically opens. Borders, shaadws, captions and alignment are a breeze.
reporting system Reporting Solution
You need timely information on the performance of your Web site. Linear delivers over 100 daily reports of detailed information can be accessed over the Internet, and the speed of delivery is everything you come to expect with Linear Publishing.
complete documentation Documentation
The Linear Publishing system is extremely scalable. To keep our clients abreast of new features. Linear Publishing maintains a complete product manual and tutorial online and linked to each of our client's sites.

Newspaper websites

Linear Publishing is a leader in providing newspaper websites and magazine websites. Based in Indianapolis, Linear Publishing has been developing their software solution for over 15 years - literally since the birth of the Internet. The Linear Publishing CMS allows a clients to manage articles, obituaries, classifieds, calendars, letters and subscribers on the internet. The software is updated daily to take advantage of new internet offerings. The Developer' Blog provides a resource for clients to stay current on new features added to the system, and the on-line manual is constantly updated to educate as features as employed. Linear's rich content management system also allows a newspaper or magazine to pursue web-based revenue such as coupons, contests and business directory listings. The Content Management System toolset extends to Photo Galleries, Blogs, Podcasts and Commenting. Far from a template, Linear Publishing allows community publications to design virtually any website. Wether a newspaper or magazine, Linear Publishing has the most reliable, customizable solution available. Linear Publishing allows clients to harvest information from their websites - calendar listings, blog entries, comments, letters, business listings and obituaries can all be submitted for your review. Of course all editorial content (stories, obituaries and letters) reside in the archives indefinitely - always available. The content is optimized for the Search engines.Newspaper Websites

Magazine Websites

Recent Changes
call imageDevelopment Blog

Document Manager

Document Manager allows Linear clients to create discrete areas for storing and sharing documents such as PDF, Excel and Word files. Each Document Manager is a separate interface unto itself. A primary ...more»
times newspapersWhen we realized we needed to upgrade our Web site, we knew we could not do it alone. Linear Publishing more than answered the call. All the new features we were looking for were already in place at Linear. In addition, if we came up with a feature not yet available, they created it.

We now publish two Web sites a week in less time than it took us to publish one. The free time has opened me up to explore new ideas and features to use on our site. It's a great feeling when you can get an idea and in no time have it up and running online. Thanks to it's ease of use, our Web site is getting better and better every day.

We are always getting compliments from our readers and advertisers. With help from Linear Publishing, we are becoming the e-voice of the community that we were striving for.

Randy Drilingas, Creative Manager
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Just some recent listings from the developments blog. LWe won't bore you with detials, but rather significant changes.

Tile Ad Groups

Tile Ads (formerly Tombstone ads) have long been a mainstay of the Linear system. You can define up  »

Word Ads

Added a new class of ads - Word ads. Similar to Google's word ads, these simple ads just have a title,  »

Half Banner Bottom Set

Added the ability to independently control Half Banner ads (formally Half Doubletruck ads) at the bottom  »

Bottom Box Ad Set

Added the ability to independently control Box ads (formally Doubletruck ads) at the bottom of the page.  »

New Form Fields

Added several new field types to Linear's form building interface. By selecting these new field types,  »

Newsletter Changes

New approach for filtering containers and styles in Newsletter layouts. Essentially, the system strips  »

Extended SEO Tools

Updated the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) interface for several portions of Linear Publishing. Primarily,  »

New Mobile Controls

Some new enhancements to the mobile interface. Results Links: The navigation tool for additional pages  »

Overlay Implementation

Took the Shoe Box Images and Shoe Box Videos and applied an overlay when playing/viewing the content  »

CSS implementation enhancements

We applied greater CSS controls over several areas within your Linear system. CSS defines text and  »
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